Monday, January 20, 2014

A Vision of God

Do you have a vision for God in 2014?

Before any work for God there always comes the vision of God. To behold Him, to be lifted up above our troubled hearts, above our worries and conflicts, and to be absolutely sure that we have spoken with God, and He has spoken with us—this is the indispensable preliminary of doing anything in God's service. If a servant of the Lord is uncertain of his Master, he or she will be uncertain of everything that follows in his service. If you and I have no doubt about having seen God, then our divine service will grow sweeter and clearer and easier every year we live. I have heard people say, "Didn't Paul's Christian life begin with the question, 'What will you have me to do?' But actually it did not; no life begins with that question. It began with the question, "Who art thou, Lord?" Acts 9:5ff. When Paul had settled that it was the risen Christ who appeared to him, then came the much easier question, "What will you have me to do?" We cannot feed the multitude out of an empty basket; we cannot present the Lord until we have seen the Lord.

As we move into 2014 make it your desire to get to know God.